Deshae's port accessed  This shows Deshae's accessed port-a-cath.* Attached to it is a special kind of intravenous device (visible at the bottom right), which when screwed (middle of image) into an accessed port (top of image), releases on a time delay the necessary antibiotics. It deflates like a balloon as it empties, and at the conclusion of its delivery may be detached easily. Another method involves loading a syringe into a cylinder-shaped delivery device which operates to push out substance at a constant rate.

This photo shows what it looks like having blood drawn from the port-a-cath. This movie (large download may be slow) shows the process of accessing it. This sildeshow shows several pictues of the process.

*Part of this picture is blurred. While Deshae believes that there should be no shame or impropriety attached to a woman's publicly uncovered breasts, and welcomes women who choose not to cover their breasts to exercise this option where community standards do not frown upon this freedom, at the same time she recognizes that such a display on this site, even for educational purposes, may affect negatively some viewers' sensibilities. It is out of deference to these visitors to her site that she chooses to blur this part of her image.