Deshae Lott

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About "Long-Term Mechanical Ventilation Users' Sexual Activity: An Exploration:"

"Sex and the Elderly" Family Planning New South Wales Conference and Open Day, 2010

About Embodied Rhetorics:

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Southern Illinois University Press review review

Graduate Theological Education and the Human Experience of Disability (p. 40)

About "The religious imagination in Margaret Fuller’s 1844-1846 Tribune writings: Re-visioning American societyand politics:"

"Parallels in the Beliefs and Works of Margaret Fuller and Carl Jung : Dreams, Literature, Spirituality, and Gender," SAGE Open, 2011(1).

About "This Mutual Visionary Life:"

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"Margaret Fuller's transnationales Projeckt: Selbstbildung, feminine Kultur und amerikanische Nationalliteratur nach deutschen Vorbild."

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