Deshae Lott

determined sojourner

Health care resources

  • Aaron's Tracheostomy Page
        Very comprehensive site providing information about experiences with tubes and dealing with them.
  • Able Outdoors
         A reference for the able sportsman, their family members, and the professionals working in all types of therapeutic programs.

  • Accredited Schools Online
         A guide to help disabled students and their parents better understand their rights when it comes to post-secondary education, and offers tips and information about finding a college or university that best suits a student’s needs.

  • Affordable Colleges Online
         This guide shows how today’s colleges and universities are improving their technology and resources to help students with visual disabilities earn degrees. The guide also provides a list of online technology and literary resources students with impairments can use on their own to get ahead.

  • Birth Injury Guide
        A comprehensive informational website on all types of birth injuries; provides helpful information and guidance to parents of children born with a birth injury.

  • Business Ideas for People With Disabilities | Commercial Capital Training Group
         This gives information about how to start a business with a focus on challenges faced by peoplewith disabilities.

  • Cardio-pulmonary therapy
        Describes how to follow this procedure to assist in clearing lungs.
  • CMMS Deshae Lott Ministries, Inc.
        Postgraduate scholarships and quality of life grants available.

  • Cough Augmentation in a Patient with Neuromuscular Disease
         In patients with neuromuscular disease, an impaired cough can be augmented by techniques that increase inspired volume and expiratory pressure and air flow, this article explains.

  • Closed Head Injury
         From, information on this and other debilitating diseases.

         The creators attest this is a fairly comprehensive resource that aims to help make the federal grants available to seniors, veterans, and  for people living with disabilities much easier to understand and take advantage of, particularly for remodeling homes for accessibility.

  • Home Tracheostomy Care
        Gives an overview on this subject.
  • Louisiana Initiative for Nonprofit and Community Collaboration
    The objective of LINCC is to become a one stop location for funders, nonprofits, volunteers, and government officials in Northwest Louisiana.

  • Louisiana Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities
          In Louisiana, this office supports people with developmental disabilities in finding solutions for their quality-of-life outside of institutional settings.

  • Reji Mathew, Ph.D.
          With her non-fiction writings Reji Mathew offers readers ways to increase their understanding of coping skills for issues related to health care, disability, medical rehabilitation, mental health, and wellness. Her website and its blog include information on those same topics as well as on expressive arts, health care advocacy, and health resources. Her articles appear in journals, newsletters, or magazines affiliated with a particular health concern; however, the information in the articles can be applied by a much broader audience. 

  • Mission possible: converting to noninvasive ventilation
        Article outlining this strategy; my ventilation is invasive.
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association Facts about LGMD
        Overview of limb-girdle muscular dystrophy.
  • NeedyMeds
         NeedyMeds is a 501(c)(3) non-profit information resource devoted to helping people in need find assistance programs to help them afford their medications and costs related to health care. The mission of NeedyMeds is to make information about assistance programs available to low-income patients and their advocates at no cost.

  • New Orleans Vent Assistance Program
        In Louisiana, this program offers support to children and young adults (up to age 26) who use ventilators; call (504)869-9228.

  • Nodak Wheeler's Ventilator and Trach Headquarters
        Provides a variety of information on these subjects.
  • Online Graduate Schools for Students with Disabilities
         Lists such schools.

  • Quiet Oaks Adult Care Home
        With her permission, uses photos of Deshae on their site.

        Parastrong's mission is "to bring awareness to and help advance current spinal cord in-jury and disability research and treatment while enhancing the lives of those with spinal cord injuries; advocate for educational programs, life-skill mentorships, public multicultural and sensitivity programs, and community outreach and mental health services; and, act to improve the quality of life for people affected by spinal cord and traumatic, life-altering injuries, by utilizing competitive sports and physical fitness platforms to inspire infinite possibilities despite paralysis and other disabilities."

  • Scholarships for Students with Disabilities
         Listing these, from Affordable Colleges Online

  • Sports on Wheels
        Founded by Andy Zadora-Chrzastowski (a vent and wheelchair user with Multiple Sclerosis), this non-profit website
    provides digital imaging of and news on disability sport.

  • The Vent Life
        Article discussing aspects of living on mechanical ventilation.
  • Tracheostomy and Ventilator Practices
        Provides information to commonly-asked questions about these topics from the point of view of users and professionals.

  • Vent Users Support Page
        Reviews issues, lists resources, and other information for vent users.
  • VentWorld User's Web Sites
        Links to information about differing aspects about living on ventilation.
  • What I Wish I Had Known Prior to Vent-Life
        My thoughts on this subject.