Deshae Lott

determined sojourner

Painting of tree from Barb Misheck

Favorite artists

Like my mother, I've always been artistic, physically expressing it when I was more able, now mostly deriving aesthetic pleasure from it. I've been fortunate to  travel to many of America's finest museums, and also to a couple abroad, to enjoy it. Some of my favorite painters include  Benson, Delacroix, Kiki, Klimt, Matisse, Moran, Morris, O'Keeffe, Renoir, Rodin, Stillman, and Van Gogh.

From more modern times, I enjoy all forms of art: painting, music, writing, and other expression of creativity. Here are some contemporary artists I find interesting:

  • Susan Rushing Adams
        She's a poet, fiction author, and friend (and this story was inspired partly by my experiences).
  • Aaron DaMommio
        He's a writer, juggler, and friend.
  • Christie Cook
          A musician whom I had the fortune to befriend subsequently to first enjoying her music; the friendship and fondness for her music continue to unfold. (The link above goes to the bed and breakfast she and her husband run; it's named after one of her songs on an album by the same name, Fair Breeze.)
  • Katerie Gladdys
        She's a digital artist, chef, professor, and friend.
  • Elisa Golden
        Has muscular dystrophy and creates beautiful watercolor paintings.
  • Robert Hornak
        He's a cartoonist, script writer, and friend.
  • Barbara Jarrell
        She's a musician, Unitarian Universalist minister, and friend.
  • Rebecca Lartigue
        She's a writer, photographer, gardener, and teacher, as well as my daily confidant.
  • Judy Lott
        My mother's artwork. Click on the images from the link above, which describes them, to see larger versions.
  • Pam Viviano McDonald
        She's a chef, does chalk portraits, photography, and teaches Thai yoga (the link goes to one of her photographs).
  • Barb Misheck
        Another friend and artist now departed who had MD and was vent dependent. The painting on this page above is hers.
  • Larry J. Reynolds
        See examples of his paintings, "Sacred Spaces," "Rebirth," and ; "Untitled;" he was my doctoral dissertation chairman and is my continuing friend.
  • Mary Saurer
        She's a writer, spiritual teacher, and counselor. Click on "Higher Consciousness" above for more about her teachings.
  • Chris Simon
        Coordinates the Heartmade Blessings afghan crochet project, which includes one made for me.
  • Ruth Mueller Taylor
        For the webmaster's pleasure, we commissioned an impressionistic portrait of me by her.