Deshae Lott

determined sojourner


We believe that the study and practice of both mysticism and metaphysics are fundamental to a balanced development process of increasing enlightenment on every spiritual path. We believe that Jesus taught foundation principles of both mysticism and metaphysics as a unified path to complete enlightenment and beyond.



·   Practice transcendental meditation daily as a private acceptance of God’s presence; you increase your awareness of God and love for God and realization of your own divinity; this results in inner peace and agape. 

 ·   Keep your mind healthy and productive through observation and study of natural laws and contemplation of their application; you increase your understanding of how metaphysical laws apply to all action (internal and external) and practice applying your understanding; this results in self-esteem and enthusiasm for living.

 ·   Emulate the nature of God as much as you comfortably can; perfect your character by creating your own standard of behavior and honoring it both inwardly (thinking/feeling/attitude) and outwardly (speech, choice, response, behavior); upgrade that standard or “inner program” as you find errors in it; make a habit of being a living expression of your new standard; this is being true to yourself/having integrity as you evolve; design your life style to offer the greatest potential for being true to yourself; break that habit when you desire to change your lifestyle; this results in progressive character development.

 ·   Honor God’s plan by seeking enlightenment through meditation, study, contemplation and application as long as there is more to know and become; study the nature of all that is good; this results in revelation upon revelation, realization upon realization and expansion of divine knowledge in you.

 ·   Pray to God frequently as a creative expression of partnership with God; contribute to God’s divine plan by choosing to continue your individual soul evolution; this results in your greatest contribution to life and all that is in it.

 ·   Live in a way that is true to yourself and true to what you understand of God’s expectation of you; this results in self-approval and harmony with all that is compatible with you.  

 The progressive transformation process is sometimes painful and sometimes ecstatic, but the end result, absolute enlightenment, fulfills all your abstract desires and produces an inner stream of happiness that cannot be lost or forgotten, regardless of your experiences in this world or another.